Month: May 2016

Ten Reasons Why Pool Is Cool


Pool has always been the game of choice for cool dudes everywhere and its popularity just keeps on growing.

Since Paul Newman first chalked his custom pool cues in The Hustler and then again with Tom Cruise in The Color of Money, Pool has been the sport of choice for tough guys and rough cut heroes everywhere.

But why is Pool the coolest sport in the world? Here are ten reasons why:

1.Playing pool doesnt make you sweat or pant, meaning you can keep your cool while you impress with your skills.

2.Being a great pool player isnt just about skill, it also involves a lot of psychology, meaning you learn great techniques for getting to your opponent.

3.Being a great pool player can earn you lots of money. Whether you choose to play in pubs and clubs or at competition level, your skills could see you earning a living. Top pool players can earn millions in winnings and endorsement fees.

4.Playing pool can take you around the world. Top players are invited to play at international level, and often get sponsorship and free flights and accommodation.

5.Learning amazing pool tricks and becoming the best at this versatile sport really impresses, especially with the ladies!

6.Playing can cost you very little money. You can join a club and hire a table and cues very cheaply.

7.Pool is a great way to socialise because you can still have a conversation with your opponents and people around you as you play.

8.The sport can improve your skills in other areas, such as reaction time, hand eye coordination and will even help you learn trigonometry.

9.You can gain massive credibility amongst your peers with a custom pool cues. Whatever design you choose, you can ensure that yours is the coolest cue around.

10.Pool can be a great icebreaker on dates as you can get close to your conquest when you teach them how to play.

So if you are looking for a great sport that will teach you new skills and up your cool level to 11, then dont hesitate, get yourself to the nearest pool hall now!