Month: July 2016

Battlefield 2142 Free Download


Battlefield 2142 is an online first person shooter video game developed by Digital Illusions CE for Electronic Arts. It is the overall fourth installment in the battlefield games series. As the game is online, it supports multiplayer play also along with single player. Battlefield 2142 was released on October 18, 2006 in America and Australia and two days later in Europe and Japan. The game has been released on PC platforms only i.e. Windows based computers and Mac OS. Free Battlefield 2142 download with limited number of features is available at Electronic Arts website. It can be played on system with moderate configuration.

The plot for the Battlefield 2142 is set in the 22nd century where new ice age has arisen and there is battle between two new super powers- European Union and Pacific Asian Coalition. Only the best will survive- this is what game is based on. Battlefield 2142 includes two gameplay modes: conquest and titan. Titan is an online multiplayer mode where players objective is to destroy opposite team Titan. The weapons and equipments in the Battlefield 2142 are categorized into four playable classes: assault, recon, engineer, and support. In conquest mode, there are two teams consisting of equal number of players depicted as two opposite factions fighting each other to collect spawnpoints.

Though Battlefield 2142 single player mode exists but real fun comes in playing it in online multiplayer mode. Its multiplayer mode supports upto 64 players. Surprised, in single player mode also, upto 16 players can play against bots. Just like Battlefield 2, it has its own unique system of ranking players. Better the rankings more features are unlocked to the player. The game has total of 16 map packs out of which 10 comes along with Battlefield 2142. Players are also given awards in the game. Battlefield 2142 comes with in game advertising just like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Battlefield 2142 couldnt taste as much success as Battlefield 2. Even though ratings were satisfactory but werent as good as its predecessor. Mac users were highly disappointed. Many bugs were reported in the game. To address these bugs, EA has released five updates for the game with several fixes. EA has also released two booster packs for the Battlefield 2142: Northern strike and First Strike. Free demo has been released for the game. This Battlefield 2142 free version supports an online play of Sidi Power Plant map with conquest or titan mode. You can download Battlefield 2142 free trial version from below. Simply click the link to get your Battlefield 2142 free download. This will directly download battlefield 2142 from EA servers.

What Is Art Therapy


Art therapy is simply the professional therapeutic ability to use artwork that has been done by individuals who desire personal development. This development has not been able to be achieved, due to trauma, personal crisis, illness, and certain challenges that have affected their life. People of all ages use art therapy, done by a professional art therapist who has been trained extensively about the human development, artistic traditions in a multitude of cultures, psychological theories, and the healing abilities regarding the use of art. Services are provided to these individuals through art therapy because they cannot articulate through words, emotions, and feelings about their true state of mind. The professional settings that participate with art therapy methods are mental health services, rehabilitation, medical institutions, education services, nursing homes, corporations, forensic agencies, community outreach, and independent practices. Strict standards for art therapy have been established by the American Art Therapy Association, Inc. (AATA) and The Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc. (ATCB). Some individual states regulate their own practices of art therapy, while other states allow art therapists to become licensed counselors or mental health therapists. These art therapists utilize art-based assessment instruments to determine their client’s level of functioning. From this they are able to formulate a certain level of treatment objectives, decide what strengths and weaknesses their client has, gaining a better understanding of who their client is and the problems they have, and be able to evaluate their client’s progress. The Master level of training and education for an art therapist is mandatory, as ensuring the appropriate usage and application of drawing tests, evaluation of the instrument validity, and its reliability is extremely important to better serve the client. According to Donna J. Betts, Ph.D., ATR-BC, in her 2005 Doctoral Dissertation, some of the top art therapy tests that can be used are: Favorite Kind of Day (AFKOD) Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) Birds Nest Drawing (BND) Bridge Drawing Diagnostic Drawing Series (DDS) Child Diagnostic Drawing Series (CDDS)Rating instruments are also investigated, which can include: Descriptive Assessment of Psychiatric Art (DAPA) DDS Rating Guide and Drawing Analysis Form (DAF) Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS). These are just a few of the art therapy assessment tools that can be used by art therapists, in clinical settings or in research. Each art therapy tool is a structured assessment that are collected under standardized conditions. Most are developed to provide a compatibility with psychological testing and psychiatric evaluations: Art Therapy-Projective Imagery Assessment (ATPIA) Draw-A-Story Screening for Depression (DAS) Used to identify children and adolescents at risk for harming others or themselves. Through the artwork, it can be seen that significant differences will emerge between aggressive and non-aggressive groups in its emotional content and self-image, in addition to

Why modern bean bags are better than the traditional design


Bean bags are suitable for kids and adults alike. In the beginning they enclosed actual beans, however these have been changed for the more relaxing polystyrene or synthetic pellets or beans. The more modern filling lasts longer than the traditional beans and doesn’t soak up moisture however they are still called by their original name ‘bean beag’. Manufacturers create filled bag products for children and teens, however there are various surprisingly interesting uses for them that make them pleasing for everyone. Among the many bean bag, furniture solutions, there are chairs, lounges, beds, and more.

There are lots of different bean bag furniture colour possibilities and shapes available. There are small cuddly faux leather-based seats for toddlers and others embroidered with cute characters. Kids can wind down and read a book or possibly even play a computer game on one. There are also larger sized bags that are designed to serve as gaming chairs and are just the thing for ergonomic computer game play.

All of the bean bag choices available are intended for relaxation. There are round, oversized sacks filled with polystyrene beads and different types to suit people of all sizes. They come in a mixture of furniture styles including sofas and chairs, it is possible to even get upright stools or longer lounges, there are recliners with ottomans and you can even find table and chair combinations. You can use these to furnish an entire room like a kids play room.

There are bean beds available and they’re great for anyone’s slumber experience. Various manufacturers of pet products produce pet bead-filled pillow beds. Your dog will most likely have a better nights slumber than you on one of these modern dog bed alternatives.

Once you have experienced one of these, you may well be tempted to find your own perfect bean bag furniture item for the home. If you need comfortable furniture for lounging or relaxing, bean bags are perfect as they come in a range of styles for almost any need.

How To Get An Instant College Degree Without Study


Time is a crucial factor in todays hectic life schedule. When everything is fast paced then why not getting degrees. People are desperate to grab degrees as fast as possible. The likeliness of getting an instant college degree that too without study doesnt seem very realistic. Just the opposite, its very much possible and real too. Now you can quickly advance your career and education even if you want to get it from a scratch. The question which arises is how to get an instant college degree without study?

An online degree is the fastest and also the most convenient way to get an instant college degree without study. Scanning through the internet you will find numerous colleges and universities which offer variety of programs related to all subjects possible in the sphere of education and degrees of all sorts and at all levels starting from the most common bachelors to honorary doctorate. All you need to do is pay them the few bucks and purchase yourself a degree. Your degree will reach you within five days. Although, there are loads of way to get it but some ways are more efficient than other ones. This exactly happens to be the case with purchasing your degree online. The amount of degrees varies from site to site and is kept in accordance with the level of the degree.

Generally going for a regular courseware and getting a degree from a usual campus college means fritting away of both time and money. Also going to classes, doing assignments, cut-throat competition and hard-hitting study are the additional features. More than degree, students go for the brick and mortar style of education for accreditation even if it costs them a good amount of money. But with the online college degrees you get an instant and affordable college degree and the degrees are hundred percent verifiable. You just need to select a degree and should carefully chalk it out according to your educational qualification and work experience. Initially the selection task may seem rough but it is not as hard as it appears to be. Once you have done the required and have provided the certification of your working experience the rest is taken care of. Your degree is handed over to you within five days.

So the question of how to get an instant degree without study doesnt remain unanswered. The process is quite simple. Just hop on to your computer, select the proper degree, pay the required amount and you become a degree holder in five days. So what are you waiting for? After all there is no harm in buying an online degree and also there are no evident negative aspects of purchasing an online degree. Get started and grab your degree.