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Independent Writing Equals Freedom

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Summary: Writing books and the relevance to individual rights, equality between men and woman, Democracy and basic human rights in general. Great novelists and their importance to human quality of life.

How do people without high level power in society share their insights? Great ideas can spring from anywhere that has people who analyze society. Book publishing is the one written way that comprehensive analysis is made available to the public. Freedom through the fodder of books leads or keeps individuals with self autonomy; we question and dismantle those who seek absolute power.

Age of Reason, By Thomas Paine, led our founders to have self autonomy by declaring American Independence from England’s king. Virginia Woolf helped liberate woman with Mrs. Dollaway. All Quite on the Western Front, by Eric Maria Remarque evokes people to question the value of war. Eric Author Blair, known as George Orwell has millions cutting strings from want to be puppeteers of society. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Pottery evokes imagination in much of the masses. Albeit, we see a loss of control as liberating type books are removed from required reading lists in the school systems. Aldous Huxley in Brave New World illustrated the industrial machines who were once people with authentic feelings and control over their lives. Prose that evokes independent thinking is as the core of democracy. Rachel Carson wrote to preserve nature and challenges generations of people to be scientist who work to stop environmental damage; currently called Climate Change and first coined Global Warming.

Books have been burned because the life of them extinguishes oppressors. Technology allows far more people to distribute unfettered ideas about current issues of society. Albeit, aspiring writers have to believe in their insights and actualize their goals to communicate them; put your printed contributions into society. Dynamics of the world are constantly changing so there needs to be new analysis that builds on prior ones. Although most ideas have been conveyed could apply to current times in general, some elements are far more relevant than others. Contemporary writers must keep the epiphanies societies underpinnings relevant to today’s word. If there are great writers, then their relevance must be at the core of it. Let the streamlining nature of technology be your reason to write. Make your insights relevant to the free market of ideas or symphony of insights.

About the author, John Toker, M.Ed. LD K-12, M.A.: John is a published author who is also a writing coach and learning specialist. He offers writing mentorship and author coaching for people who want to write books. John wrote the acclaimed novels, Conflicting Sanity, LD Just Means Learn Differently and soon to be published Red Grows Green.

Online Education Is The Way To Go

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Because receiving an education is normally completed in the original way, the majority of people find it a astonishment to find out that they can get an online education. We naturally think that only the more bold ones would settle for this. Whether online or not, all of us have to have a college education to ensure a better future for ourselves.

While in the olden times, parents would break their back trying to send their kids to school. Understandably, it was still unattainable for many. The price was tremendous to be able to send their children to school. Much of the time, these kids ended up with incomplete degrees.

A large amount of parents still are afflicted with the identical situation. Situations permitting, a bit of parents prefer that their children work instead of going to school. This is where online education steps in. With this type of education, people who find themselves capable could work and study simultaneously.

When there is very little time and a lot more sacrifices involved, online education classes should be adapted to fit the learner’s desires and time schedule. One can enjoy the daytime job and pursue his education and learning during the night time online.

This is also best for young mothers who would like to pursue education even with all the current tasks at home. This allows her to obtain education of a higher degree without shirking her work at home. Moms would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to widen their horizons but still have the capacity to enjoy her home routine.

People consider this to be less expensive as well. There won’t be unnecessary fees for transportation, additional textbooks, or even child care service fees that a father or mother must pay while in school. Online education sets you free from travel stress.

In addition to its practicality, people love that you can be relaxed and comfortable while you go to school and study. It truly is both relaxing, and practical. Education is easier this way.

They say the effectiveness of this kind of education is subjective. However, recent reports have shown that a good education proves to be a better answer for someone who has to work while they’re going to school. This system allows them to be successful in all facets of life from career, family and finances.