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Domino Game Glossary


Whether you are brand new to the game of dominoes or are playing in an online setting for the first time, it is important to understand the basics of domino lingo. Understanding the terms and phrases that go along with domino games will help you focus on your strategy and enjoyment. Before proceeding to game, you have to know all the strategies about the game. The following terms are frequently used in dominoes.

Ace The end of a domino brick with a single pip, or dot.

Bar The line that separates the two sides of a domino.

Blank A side of a domino that does not contain any pips is known as a blank, white, pale or zero. A tile with two blank sides is often called double blank.
Bone Domino pieces are frequently referred to as bones. You may also hear them called dominoes, tiles, stones or men.
Bone yard The bone yard is the name that refers to the tiles left over after the players have drawn their hands. The bone yard can be drawn from in most domino variations when a player has no relevant tiles to put down.

Deuce The end of a domino brick with two pips.

Double Dominoes with the same number on both ends are referred to as doubles. For instance, a 4-4 is a double four. Some players refer to doubles as doublets.

Hand The dominoes that each player draws and uses over the course of the game.

Layout The dominoes that have been placed down on the game table during the game.

Open End An open end is an end of a tile in game play that is not connected to another tile. Players may only place dominoes down on open ends.

Pip These are the dots on the dominoes.

Spinner In many domino variations, the first double that is played is called the spinner. The spinner can be played off all four sides, rather than only two sides.

Suit A collection of tiles that have the same number of dots on one of their sides is called the suit. Each tile belongs to two suits, excepting doubles. For instance, 3-6 belongs to both the threes suit and the sixes suit.

Trey The end of a domino brick with three pips.