Exploring The Kyoto Gardens In Holland Park, London


London is justly famous for its art, history and culture, and everywhere you go in the city you will come across its iconic monuments and attractions. The usual arrival ports into London are Heathrow or Gatwick airport. Transfers from both are easy and efficient whether by train, bus or private car.

While traveling into London on Heathrow or Gatwick airport transfers, you are likely to pass several of the famous monuments along the way. World renowned buildings and gardens are dotted throughout the city, but if you are a traveller of a more discerning kind and want to hunt out something a little less tourist focussed, London also has plenty to offer. Your Heathrow or Gatwick airport transfers driver may well have a suggestion or two for you, and the Kyoto Gardens is one that quite often pops up.

Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park

One of the most beautiful hidden gems in London is the Kyoto Gardens, located in Holland Park. Tucked away in the elegant district of Kensington, this stunning park is frequented by the likes of actress Joanna Lumley. With secluded corners, higgledy paths, beautiful pieces of sculpture, and much more, this park is a true haven of tranquillity.

It may be small in size when compared with Hyde Park and Richmond Park but this is part of Holland Parks charm. There is a playing field ideal for spontaneous games of cricket or football, an ecology centre, an orangery and an opera house that hosts garden performances during the summer.

The ecology centre promotes understanding and awareness of the importance of the local wildlife and environment, running school education programmes and providing information on a formal and informal basis. The centre is involved in protecting local nature sites and developing conservation initiatives, as well as advising on open space management and biodiversity enhancement.


The Kyoto Gardens are a peaceful representation of a Japanese paradise in an English setting, and offers the perfect respite from the hectic city. Opened in 1991, the garden was a gift from the city of Kyoto as commemoration of the long and strong friendship between Japan and Great Britain. As would be expected, the gardens have been designed to emphasise key Japanese garden features, such as stone lanterns, tiered waterfalls and beautifully coloured fish. Peacocks wander freely and their constant vocals blend harmoniously with the noise of the splashing water.

The best thing about the Kyoto Gardens is that they are free. So, once you’ve settled in from your Heathrow or Gatwick airport transfers, make sure you pencil in an hour or two in this very special place.

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