Walking In Kensington – Hotels, Shops, Galleries And Palaces

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If you plan on staying in Kensington, hotels in and around the area offer comfortable accommodation while still keeping you close to the districts main attractions. This is excellent for those who want to experience this part of the city on foot especially when they know where to go and what to enjoy.

1.Kensington Gardens This Royal Park is one of the must-see venues for anyone visiting the area. Not only is it the perfect place to refresh yourself amongst all the greenery, but its also where youll find Kensington Palace the official residence of the Dukes of Cambridge, Gloucester and Kent. Various statues and fountains enhance the overall ambience of the gardens, while the Serpentine is great for when you just want to sit down and enjoy the tranquil waters. The gardens are located right next to Hyde Park, of which it used to be a part, so you can continue your walk if you wish.

2.Kensington High Street Many of the best Kensington hotels are located in or right next to the High Street, and for good reason. The main shopping street is perfect for the shopper looking for a fashionable venue for a leisurely walk while feasting their eyes (and maybe whipping out their credit cards) upon all the goods on display. Changes to road rules on the street have made it easier for pedestrians to amble about making it an even more attractive venue for casual strolling.

3.Prince Consort Road Lovers of art, architecture, music, education, religion and science will find a surprisingly eclectic range of delights in this short stretch of road. Numerous landmark buildings, from the Royal Albert Hall and Beit Hall to the Royal School of Mines and the Holy Trinity Church, can be found. It’s definitely worth noting that property prices along this particular road are the fourth highest in the entire United Kingdom! No surprise then that youll find a few high-end Kensington hotels within just a few minutes from here.

4.West End If you want a bustling venue filled with iconic London landmarks, the West End is where youll want to go. The West End itself encompasses different areas – depending on who you talk to – but theres no denying the breadth of attractions. Universities and think tanks, theatres and cinemas, bars and restaurants, museums and galleries, shops and clubs youll find virtually anything you could imagine as you explore West End.

Keep all these venues in mind as you decide from the selection of Kensington hotels, and you can situate yourself in an ideal spot to explore – from the heart to the fringes of the district.

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